Road to Denver

Road to Denver
DeadLands: Hell on Earth

07 Nov 2097

Our band has suffered and grown in the last week since we left JunkYard behind. In that time I’ve been changed and learned far more than studying under Simmon could have prepared me for. Though being the bastard of the Teach family I know a thing or two about misery, and the evils of men.

Out charge was to investigate the happenings in Denver and what the Combine forces were planning. Thankfully Sid and Kowalski have been assigned to lead us and try to keep us alive. Our journey started off simple as we made out way around the Sioux Nation. We encountered Black hat forces and wiped them out to a man. Traveling for the rest of the day brought us to a low plain where we encountered a nastier creature than Black hats. Wormlings slipped past our sentry and began attacking us causing minor wounds to most of the group including myself, but I felt none of the acidic bite that ate through my tabard and into my chest. Before dawn had crested the rise we had laid low the dozen creatures that had thought to turn us into a meal.

Our party stopped at a well traveled cross-road and traded stories and supplies with the caravan and then headed out again. As we traveled we found an abandoned resort that to our intial observation appeared to be long abandoned save for scattered corpses about the main hall. We entered into the building slowly and cautiously and began our search. What we didn’t know was the corpses we passed and later tried to show respect rose and attacked us with rifles and Shot gun. I was cornered in the managers office with two of the zombies and by the grace of all the Saints I was unharmed and my Bastard sword took both their heads with the force of my holy anger behind my blade. When the dust had settled I found that Sid had brought down half the building and our green Syker had suffered several wounds to his torso and legs.

Starting on into the third day of our journey we traveled into what was called Trog Pass. So called because I the high concentration of Trogs through out the area of the mountains. Our convoy was halted before a crossing by heavy barriers placed by Trogs to collect totals from travelers. Kowalski went to try and reason our way through claiming that Trogs were at best dim witted beasts. From the driver seat I watched his dealings with the two sentries. A disturbance above was the beginning of trouble as those hidden as we passed come into view and begin attacking our flanks. Above my head I head Sid attack with blade and bullet and others struck back at the ambushers. I left the safety of the semi-trucks cab and let my own rifle spoke it’s anger. From above light seemed to turn the slight afternoon dusk to bright morning light. I did not see what was happening from my position so close to the side of the vechile when a Trog dropped into my path and forcing me to abandon my gun and utilize my blade, but I was denied my kill as Sid dropped down and finished my work. Our battle done we pressed on until we came to a boarding school that had survived the trials of the Nuclear blasts of the Worlds Damnation. With night falling we parked our transports and investigated. Once inside the doors of the main hall slammed shut sealing us within. I did not hear it, but Kowalski claimed to hear a child like laughter and his light scanning the balcony above for movement. We advanced further in with Kowalski leading the way and Sid bringing up the rear. We crossed the threshold of the next room and the Sykers seemed to notice something amidst and then the gloom was lit by the glow of over a dozen tenticaled balls then they attacked with single minded purpose. They seemed to single out those with Mental powers, but one attacked me out of spite as my rifle spat bullets about it. It’s assault was like a physical blow against my mind and that I felt unlike any physical blow I’d suffered before leaving Boise. Even out numbered we overcame weighed odds and advanced towards the dinning hall and the sounds of music.

Sid’s mental powers blew the double doors from their hinges and we found two girls, seemly twins spinning in a circle several paces off the floor like pale spirits, but undeniably real. They finally gave us their attention and Sid and Kowlaski put themselves between the rest of us and the girls calling them Servitors. One of them a pale doll like creature that wore a green tunic and leggings clapped with glee and mirth at the sight of Sid and Kowalski claiming they hadn’t been able to finish their game and wanted to play another. She produced a pair of glowing red Iron boots. The other girl wearing an elegant dress looked on with distain and rose into the rafters to be away from her siblings macabre toys. As soon as the boots touched the floor the tiles burst into flames and began to lick at our boots and coats. Before anyone could react and seek safety of the rooms furniture Kowalski did something horrifying. He leapt at the Servitor a growing mass of fur and horror that I will never be able to forget as he collided with the girl as she took on a green hue. Many of us raced for tables and leveled weapons at either of the pair. Sid had taken to the rafters and engaged the other dealing her a few wounds as Kowalski wrestled with the green Titan on the floor. Our bullets did more damage to the floating sister that to the Green horror and seemed to do more to piss her off. As if struck by the wisdom of the heavens (joes character) fished out the Doctor Pepper cans from inside Kowalski’s jacket and gave one to me. We exhausted Kowalski’s available cans on the green girl and she roared in pain as he held he down allowing us to attack without reprisal. Eventually the iron boots were thrown up to Sid and the other girl fell to the floor dead and the other gave a cry of outrage and sorrow as she shrank back to her normal size, but began to glow with energy. I was able to bring the rest of the Cans from Kowalski’s truck and hand them off to finish the remaining servitor. We were bathed in radiation and I emerged from the battle changed and mutated. We spent most of the night washing away the radiation and taking what we could salvage from the servitor corpses.

I see the others take stock of my greenish complexion just as I must deal with my newly found fear of canines. Our travels didn’t bring us too far until we encountered a town. After much debate we opted to investigate. Splitting into three groups we ventured into what at first glance appeared to be a ghost town, but as we presses further in we encountered the reason the town was deserted. Like a whirling dark cloud they emerged from the buildings and set upon us; Rust Mites. Even as we ran for the transports the cloud over took most of us wearing at whatever pieces of metal we had on us. As if awakened by our plight the heavens opened up and rain fell in driving sheets blinding us and soaking us to the bone. Even as the water rose to our waists and slowed our paces. Sid proved our savior pulling most of us from the rising water and we raced from the infested town. Even as we settled for the night and wringing the water from our gear disaster choose to strike again. Bone bots came out of the wilds and assaulted us in droves forcing Sid and Wick to unleash mental blasts of fire against the mechanical monstrosities. Kowalski slept through the entire fight and was deft to any attempts to rouse him from his slumber. In the chaos of the attack they broke through the Semi’s windshield and forced me to abandon my position in the cab. Our pyro’s finished off the last of the killer bots and I set about knitting our motley group back together where my healing touch was needed.

As the sun rose we all watched as Kowalski emerged from the blackened trailer and take in the damage wrought about it. Wick was given a stern warning about the use of his powers on and around his equipment and we set off again. We went unmolested until night feel and as hail fell on the trailer the air was split by the collective howl of a pack. Sheltered as we were (joe’s chara.) was overcome by fear and sprinted from the trailer and several dozen yards from us into the night. From the sparse growth of foliage emerged wolves almost as big as men and drooling bloody foam from mouth, nostrils and eye slits. They came on in a mass surge pressing into the trailer interior and attacking Steven and Wick spreading whatever disease infected them. Bullets, blades and fire took down these mongrels. My own blade spitting one of them attempting to attack Sid as he fought from the ceiling.

Survival it seemed was an arduous trail for all of us as my healing touch was only useful once a day. As we traveled Sid saw to Wicks condition as my holy touch would do nothing for Wick. As we drove the bass of thunder followed us and great plums of dust rose like clouds far in the distance and got closer as we pressed. We would have made it further had I not fumbled Kowalski’s binoculars an forced us to stop and search for them. We found the them about the same time that our pursuer crested the hill and came bearing down on us. A Titanic skinless horror came at us it’s stride moving it into striking range with furious intent. From his position in the gun nest Wicks Mental fire leapt forth and slammed into the beasts face charring it’s skin and drawing roars of anger as the rest opened up with their firearms. Kowalski grabbed joe and like an Olympic hammer thrower launched Joe like a living javelin into the titan’s face. His body disappearing into the beasts face through it’s exposed eye ball. His success was almost short lived as the limp body fell forward and almost crushed Kowalski’s trailer and Semi-truck. Sid activated another of his many powers and a bubble of force sprang into being and blasted the Titan corpse back from the group. We buried Joe’s broken corpse deep in the earth after Wick burnt the body to ensure he never would rise again. We paid our respect and pressed on wanting to make up for lost time. Two days past and on the day of the full moon we were forced to stop and Kowalski rushed to create a containment unit for himself before the moon reached it’s seat in the sky. Sid wandered off the pray after storing what looked like the Titan’s tendons in the trailer. Wick, Steven, and Myself went off to explore and found a field of posies. Suspecting another trap I wanted Wick to burn the field before we proceed, Steven didn’t understand my hesitation to enter the field and investigate. After several moments of heated argument I walked into the field wielding my sword ready for an attack from anywhere. It seemed that my fears were unfound as we discovered several dozen skeletal corpses and a single magazine of .556 rifle rounds the I pocketed and we returned to camp to settle in as Kowalski sealed himself into his Werewolf proof ball. We feel asleep with his animal howls and growls dulled by adimantium walls. As the dawn rose and Kowalski was let out of his cage. We pressed hard with another thunder head starting to darken at out backs. Sid and Kowalski were both introspective as we traveled as if they knew what was coming. As if responding to their dark thoughts we were forced to stop as giant red orbs came down on us from a hill. Wick opened up with the machine gun and mowed down over two dozen Giant Tomatoes. They burst under bullet and blade spraying Sid, Kowalski, and I with Acid the sank through our armor and bit at our skin. We had enough time to wash away the acidic blood before we were assaulted again by a shambling horde of Veteran Undead. Wick was swamped by Rifle fire as shot gun wielders moved into point blank range. I was able to maneuver up into the nest as my green blood dripped from my peppered left leg. My hands glowed over Wicks torn torso and sealed the wounds and expelled the bullets from his skin. Sid and Kowalski put down the rest of our attackers. As the last of the corpses fell the sound of thunder intensified and I could feel it deep in my ribs. We turned to face the approaching storm and two of the meanest, and horrifying Long-Horn Abominations. They stood almost as tall as the Semi-truck and breathed Green, or Blue flames and stared with Malicious intent in Sid, and Kowalski’s direction. Behind them came a tide of Crazed cattle and Kowalski turned to me and put a hand on my shoulder. Even though I still had trouble reconciling the image of him Furred and fanged I knew his and Sid’s worth and feared the outcome of their fight. Sid laughed as I argued for a combined assault, but as they left us to clash with fate it was left to Wick, Steven, and I to survive the stampede at all cost.

14 Nov 2097
I have met few true men in my time on this earth as wrecked and twisted as men have made it. Men like my father and brother who’s only thirst is for power and advancement of their own station through the destruction and enslavement of others. Kowalski and Sid are two of these men and they walked without hesitation toward these hulking armored bovines. Taking Kowalski’s advice and the three of us left withdrew through the massive herd of ghostly cows away from the bellows of rage that emitted from the chests of these monsters made my ribs rattle. Through snatches caught from backward glances it seemed like it would be a purely one sided fight even as I felt phantasms pass through my skin and leech at my soul and try to sap my strength. I felt the initial impact that about threw me from my feet. I saw Kowalski and his attacker locked together his arms bulging as he held his broadsword across the monsters horns each pressing and trying to press the other back. Sid just stood staring at his as if daring it to touch him. It’s fetid breath steaming around his face and shoulders as they stared at the other whether daring the other to flinch, or fighting a mental struggle I couldn’t tell, nor was I going to remain in the raging herd for longer than I had to.
Wick, Steven, and I made it to a rise above the herd that would allow us to observe the battle as it played out. Kowalski’s blade flashing and craving into its armored hide with seemingly no effect other than to draw sparks and bellows of rage as it’s horns tore off his armor and gouged rents in Kowalski’s torso and face. Sid seemed to be intent to have a staring contest rather than actually fight each other. With sudden swiftness that my own mortal eyes couldn’t follow Sid’s hands had locked with the bulls horns and the earth about them was pulped and shattered. I felt the divine touch of power then as Sid’s body began to grow and cord as they held that growing stalemate one trying to overpower the other going back and forth for several seconds that seemed to last hours. Then with inhuman speed Sid had wrapped both the cured Titan tendons about the bull’s horns and neck and mounted it. The beasts back and shoulder spines gouging and cutting at him as he tried to break this Demonic beast sent to collect his life even going so far as to roll over on top of him at one point to try and crush him into the ground. To our amazement the bull returned to its feet with Sid still mounted on its back shouting to the sky in defiance as he rode it. It seemed like Sid had his prey where he wanted him until the bull split the earth with a thunder clap opening a portal into the ether and plunged in taking Sid with it.
Shocked into silence we all returned our attention to Kowalski and his continued struggle with the other bull. His armor rendered and his flesh torn he fought on still the bull’s hide giving under his broad sword, but still fought as if possessed of unflinching purpose. The bull’s horn clipped the side of his face knocking him off balance and leaving him vulnerable for a killing strike. Against everything Kowalski and Sid had told us before engaging the enemy, and every nerve that screamed to not interfere it was as if fate pulled my assault rifle from my back and took the safety off. My hands were steady and my aim certain as I sighted and found the exposed side of the bulls head, and then time slowed as I prayed to Saint Jackson for strength and my rifle spoke with a voice filled with righteous anger. I saw the bullet impact and the slight spray as it slid into the tissue of its skull, but it did not fall. To my disbelief and horror the monster didn’t even flinch as it slammed it’s horn into Kowalski’s face the tip of its horn gouging out his eye and pressing deep into his skull. Impaled Kowalski was a broken puppet on it horn as it slammed him into the ground, shook him, and then tossed him aside like a child discarding a broken toy. It huffed as it stared at Kowalski and then turned it’s burning gaze to stare across the expanse at me it’s burning eyes boring into me and marking me before it slammed its hoof into the ground opening a second rift and departing leaving Kowalski’s ruined corpse in the trampled grass.


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